5 Email Marketing Tactics That Convert

Posted by Paolo Leone on 5 October 2016
5 Email Marketing Tactics That Convert

Learn how to write an Email that gets opened, read, and responded to in 5 easy steps.

Email Marketing statistics show an important problem to deal with. For instance, just in the US nearly 80% of adults receive unnecessary emails at least weekly. Only a 4% of these emails get clicked, just a 22% get opened and a big 78% get nothing.

On the other hand, there is a big opportunity when you take into account that for every $1 spent, email produces an average of $38 in return. This means that email is 40 times more powerful at customer acquisition than Social Media.

#1 Consider the Person

Personalized subject lines have 30% higher CTRs than the non personalized ones according to GetResponse. This means first you have to address your reader by name whenever that's possible.

Of course you have to use direct language, specially the word "You" and compose the emails conversationally, as if you were talking to the real person. Also, including personal details like location, past purchases or even pages they've viewed is useful to engage the reader much more.

#2 The Subject Line

The preview of your email should have a clear goal, whether it's one reason, one question, one outcome or one request. Subject lines that contain in between 51 to 60 characters have the highest read rate, and in between 6 to 10 words have the highest open rate.

According to Marketing Proofs, the best subject lines are intriguing without being click-bate; short without being cryptic; urgent without being slimy; action-driven without being dispassionate.

#3 Add Value

Forget the "sales mindset" and think of your recipient's mind, you have to answer the question: "What's in it for me?". Your emails must deliver valuable content for your reader.

For example, instead of "Click here to read more" use "click here to start your 30 day trial" and always end with a Call To Action such as "Learn how to write an email that gets opened".

#4 Research the Best Time

In general, the best open days are Tuesday, Wednesday or Monday and the worst open days are Saturday and Sunday. The perfect time goes from Monday to Saturday at 11 am, and Sunday at 9 pm. Don't forget to use "Urgency Triggers" such as now, today, tomorrow, announcing, limited or final, because all of these remind the reader that time is of essence.

#5 Short Length is Best

Entrepreneur suggests to write an average of 150 words and 5 sentences or less. The idea is to keep it short and to the point. Think visually and make it easy to scan by using lots of line breaks that add whitespace. And optimize it for mobile because 50% of emails are opened on mobile only and 42% of emails that don't display correctly on mobile get deleted.

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Top 6 Online Marketing Trends of 2016

Posted by Paolo Leone on 22 September 2016
Top 6 Online Marketing Trends of 2016

These top marketing trends are a MUST for your strategy to grow traffic and increase Convertion Rates

Implementing these top 6 technologies will benefit your online business by highlighting its advantages for potential customers.

#1 Videoexplainers

Youtube is the favourite platform for online users with an average of 4 billion videos viewed every day and about 800 million unique visitors a month. Also, studies show that web content that includes videos has higher engagement rates.

Therefore, it is recommended that you create a short video to explain your audience what your product or service is about and how your business can help your potential customers.

#2 Content Remarketing

A remarketing technique is used to tag the visitors that didn't become a lead yet but have been through your website contents.

First you have to make sure to give them a quality experience by offering something unique and new while they are engaging with your content and giving you their contact information.

The way to transform their interaction is by remarketing ads to them in an attempt to close the deal. For instance, this can be a reminder that sends them back to the website to generate the convertion.

#3 Social Media Advertising

This technique is revolutionizing the marketing industry given that you can directly hit a large number of your target audience members.

Social media marketing success is transforming the business in a way that soon it will become a requirement to pay for advertising on every social platform.

#4 Mobile over desktop

Users spend 68% of digital time on mobile as opposed to the decreasing 32% for desktop time. This process is driven by the constant improvements on smartphones technology that allows you to walk around with a portable desktop, access your emails or just search for any news.

Every social media platform has got an app for mobile which means that marketing strategists have to take this into account to generate larger amounts of quality traffic to the websites.

#5 Wearable Tech is on the rise

While not quite to the level of virtual reality, wearable "smart" devices will start gaining more traction in 2016 since consumers are showing more independence using digital platforms than ever before.

Digital Marketers should take advantage of the fact that first generation smart watches or similar devices will soon change the landscape of local marketing.

#6 Increased Paid Advertisement

Competition in online marketing has increased immensely these past few years, and 2016 will become even more competitive driving the prices for online advertising even higher.

Realistically, online ads are pretty cheap, but the increases in price may drive some smaller companies out of the picture.

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ComScore Report highlights the increment in mobile digital media time with apps concentrating 50 percent of it.

Posted by Betiana on 9 September 2016
ComScore Report highlights the increment in mobile digital media time with apps concentrating 50 percent of it.

The metrics show that time spent on smartphone's apps has increased in 9 points compared to July of 2014 and recently surpassed TV

While desktop time only takes 32 percent of our digital attention, the digital media time spent with mobile devices constitutes now a 68 percent, according to the July data from ComScore.

These figures stand out the fact that we are living in a cross-platform world, where mobile is without question primary. Hence, the smartphone experience must be considered the first and primary platform and the failure to deliver a good mobile experience will compromise brand perceptions.

From a marketer perspective, is important to notice that desktop still dominates online conversions. However, given the fact that digital media time has shifted to mobile devices, publishers are much more vulnerable to ad blocking, which takes place more often in mobile.

Another aspect to point out is the fact that 50 percent of the digital media time is spent on a small number of apps, where ad blocking is less common than on the mobile web. This puts a challenge for publishers to reach and engage consumers to download apps.

Facebook is the top individual app by reach and engagement. Facebook has two of the top five US apps, and Google has three of the top five: YouTube, Search and Play. Google Maps is number six.

Finally, the report stresses that it's much easier to establish audiences on the desktop and mobile Web, but that app audiences are much more meaningful. "They spend 18x more time on apps than mobile Web visitors," according to comScore.


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Branch launches Marketing Tools to grow apps using Deep Linking

Posted by Betiana on 8 September 2016
Branch launches Marketing Tools to grow apps using Deep Linking

The California-based company Branch is releasing a new product that will provide a full solution to create mobile deep links allowing users to share content that's within an app.

Unlike most of the information on the internet, content within apps is not publicly accessible. Normal links don't work because apps have to be downloaded on a device, and even when they're downloaded there is no standard way to find and share items. It's specific to every app.

This lack of access and hindrance to sharing is more than an inconvenience. It creates poor user experiences, hurts business metrics and ultimately limits smaller developers' access to customers. The end result is a lack of competition and the same large apps continue dominate the market, whether or not they are the best.

Branch's new "Journeys" tool allows a marketer to create and deploy a banner or interstitial ad that links from a mobile website to an app, without a developer's help.

Currently mobile websites are the largest drivers of app installs and the typical case of use is for game apps. For instance, a marketer for a game publisher might use such a link in a banner to drive installs of a new game app.

But what really makes the difference for Branch is that a marketer can also direct the ads at specific audience segments, such as frequent website visitors who do not yet have the app installed, and conduct A/B testing.

Taking into account that an estimated 70 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices, deep links can also be used to drive app installs from email.

Branch offers a second new tool "Deep Linked Email", that integrates with email marketing platforms so that email campaigns can automatically include a deep link to an app. In the case of a special offer, If the user doesn't have the app installed, the link first directs the user to the appropriate app store, and post-install, goes to the relevant screen within the app.

Marketers and publishers can't ignore the impact of using Deep linking that improves app performance by increasing 1.8 times the sign ups, 2 times the engagement and 1.9 times the retention.

Yozio, Tapstream and Pure Oxygen Lab's URLgenius offer deep linking and some comparable features, so marketers can choose among these different platforms to test the differences and generate a better user experience.


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Revolutionize your Web Design Knowledge at the Generate Conference in London

Posted by Betiana on 30 August 2016
Revolutionize your Web Design Knowledge at the Generate Conference in London

In September Generate London is a must for creative web designers and frontend developers who want to boost their skills and upgrade their businesses

You will be engaged in two days of intensive presentations by the most experienced and top-class speakers that will take place on 21-22 September at the Royal Institution in London.

In this opportunity it will gather stellar line-up speakers such as Jeff Veen, Rachel Ilan Simpson, Brendan Dawes, Ida Aalen, Bruce Lawson and Anna Dahlström; who will be giving practical talks on progressive web apps, flexbox, user testing, web animations, device-agnostic design, SVG and Road Runner Rules for design systems, and much more besides. See the entire Schedule here.

Also, this time the conference includes a whole day of in-depth Workshops. There are four to choose from; you can learn to sketch interfaces with Eva-Lotta Lamm, harness the power of data with Brendan Dawes, build a profitable design business with Brad Weaver, and explore frontend architecture for design systems with Micah Godbolt.

Net Magazine, the Generate Conferences's organizer, is the world's leading print and digital publication for web designers and frontend developers. These conferences began in 2013 and have been named as the Most Influential Design Conference of 2015 by the Creative Markets's inaugural awards.

Now you have plenty of reasons to get your tickets and be part of this unique event full of inspiring talks, top advice from world-class speakers and a friendly environment  to learn, share and expand your networks.

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