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Learn New Web Design Techniques using Iphone and Ipad Apps

Posted by Betiana on 23 August 2016
Learn New Web Design Techniques using Iphone and Ipad Apps

A list of 7 Apps that will help you improve your creative skills and expand your knowledge of design while maintaining a professional view.

Being up to date with brand new disciplines can be exhausting if you are working as a creative professional, and lack the time and energy to dig into the wide variety of options available on the internet.
However, no matter how much you read online, the development of apps for Iphone and Ipad brings a whole new world of innovation to simplify and speed up the creative process just at your hand.

These apps amongst many others that we didn't include in this case, will help you enrich your experience of web design, while having fun creating and interacting with new platforms.


#1 "The Typography Manual"
This app is available for Iphone and it's of great help to learn the fundamentals of typography in short bursts. You will find instructional content on how to properly set text to kerning and grids, as well as the history of type. The Typography Manual's platform has some handy interactive features, including visual type anatomy glossary, a font size ruler and an em Calculator.


#2 "Code School"
A very popular app to learn code through instructional video, that's available for Iphone, Ipad and web browser. This app gives you access to more than 50 courses and over 200 screencasts on topics like Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Phyton, IOS, Git and databases. The app includes some free taster videos, but you have to pay for the courses and you have the possibility to download the videos for offline viewing.


#3 Manga University 101
This app was created by the Japanese publisher of the bestselling "How to Draw Manga" series of books and it's a guide to learn Asian style comics. You will find free drawing tutorials for beginners and be able to actively interact by drawing on the screen. As a support it gives you access to Manga University Books via IBooks, and a series of video tutorials on Youtube. The app is available for IPhone, IPad and Android.


#4 "Blendoku 2"
Learn colour theory with Blendoku 2, an app that's available for IPhone, IPad and Android for free. It has 500 levels of puzzle games that will help you improve your ability to pick good colour combinations based on the colour principles.


#5 "The Great Photo App"
Learn the Foundations of Photography with this dynamic app that's available for IPhone and IPad. With The Great Photo App you will learn by doing and gaming while keeping progress. The techniques comprehended include such fundamentals as exposure, aperture, shutter, speed, image noise, white balance and depth of field.


#6 "LetterMPress"
This singular IPad app enables you to design letterpress within a virtual environment as if you were using vintage wood type and art cuts. Every step in the printing process is replicated, to give you an experience that's as close to the real thing as possible; from placing and arranging type on the press bed to inking and turning the hand crank to make a print.


#7 "Typography Insight"
This is a typography teaching tool focussed on the difference between typefaces and how to combine them. The app is available for IPhone and IPad. Among it's main features are "Juxtaposing Comparison" and "Overlaying Comparison" that help you understand the subtle differences betwe

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