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How to Design a Website with a Marketing Perspective

Posted by Paolo Leone on 10 October 2016
How to Design a Website with a Marketing Perspective

If you want to engage your visitors and compel them to read through your contents then this article will allow you to better manage your website design to achieve that goal.

How long do users stay on web pages? According to a report by the Nielsen Norman Group visitors make a decision to stay or leave a site within the first 10 to 20 seconds, which means that you have a brief chance to make the right first impression.

In terms of the website experience, marketing agencies believe that bad design elements lead users to a feeling of distrust causing a poor website image that becomes one of the most significant weaknesses in marketing and branding.

Therefore, the first thing to concentrate on will be how to engage from the look and the feel of your site:

Highlight the headlines

Make sure your visitors know what page they're on in a fast glance by making headlines bold, and keep them in between 50 to 60 characters.

Study Website building tools

There are many options for unique sites with templated designs. When it comes to styles, forms and functions do some research to find the best for your brand.

Choose the right typeface:

As a general rule a sans-serif font is the best style because it is simple to read. And there are many apps you can use to create your design and style guide too.

Select a three color palette:

The Adobe's Color CC Tool can be very helpful to choose your combination of of colors. In general, two neutral colors and one bold accent is what you have to look for.

Optimize your images:

Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without images. Take into account the image size and placement to better complement your content.

To sum up, taking the time to research for your brand's style guide is essential when it comes to creating an engaging website. You have to stick to your look, give your structure space and follow these principles to ensure your visitor's first impression is a good one.

Author:Paolo Leone
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