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Best Homepage Design Practices Every Marketer Should Apply

Posted by Paolo Leone on 18 October 2016
Best Homepage Design Practices Every Marketer Should Apply

Having a homepage that makes a great first impression is the priority for a successful marketing campaign. In this article you will learn the general guidelines to create brand awareness with your homepage design.

#1 A Header that Makes Clear What you Offer
Use cohesive visuals, graphics and images as well as text to tell your visitors right away who you are and what you offer. When preparing the texts take into account that your visitors should also be able to tell what sets you apart from the competition and who you work with

#2 Add a Call to Action Above the Fold
It is a best practice to add a CTA above the fold because you want to catch the customer's attention, specially the ones that are ready to buy the second they land on your site.

#3 Make your Design Responsive for Mobile Devices
Since most web traffic comes from mobile devices, you have to make sure your homepage design looks exactly how you want it to on different mobile screens.

#4 Use Contrasting Colors and HD Images
Contrast creates hierarchy and lets visitors know what they should be paying attention to. Also, the use of high quality images on your homepage makes a difference with your competitors

#5 Remove the Sidebar
The sidebar clutters your page and creates a distraction from the content you want to feature. The ending result is a poor user experience since you are throwing too much information at the user at once and taking the risk of them missing what you really care about.

#6 Add Real Product Photos
If possible you should include real product photos, instead of catalogue ones. Everyone likes to see what they are buying before they make a purchase.

#7 Feature a Video
Video is one of the most powerful additions to any homepage design since is the most engaging media format. Even a short animated video that explains your product/service is a great touch.

Author:Paolo Leone
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